Ikea Futon Sofa Bed

Ikea Futon Sofa Bed, The Japanese culture can be very inspiring in terms of its uniqueness. A futon sofa bed, as illustrated in the below pictures, resulted as a Japanese solution to room confinement. It sounds odd for a Japanese family to have a bed that is standing at home all day long. Hence, at night they unfold the futon from its folded position to become a sleeping bed and put pillows over it. In the morning, they fold the futon bed again into a closet.

Ikea acquired the Japanese idea to make a futon sofa bed. The Ikea futon sofa bed can be described as a spring-less mattress that can supply a dual function as a bed and as a sofa. Ikea futon sofa beds are perfect for those wanting the utmost use of limited space available, like people living in studio apartments or university dorms. The Ikea sofa beds are also beneficial when there is an extra room around the house so it can be used as a sofa in normal times and as a bed when guests stay overnight.

Ikea sofa beds are obtainable in many sizes: single, loveseat, or three-seater as sofas and single, twin or queen-sized beds relatively as sleeping furniture. Ikea futon sofa beds might not be appropriate for frequent night sleeps as they aren’t like bed mattresses and the boards below can be felt. Due to the broad diversity of Ikea futon sofa beds available in the market, you will find no problem choosing a suitable sofa bed online or from a local store.

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