RV Sofa Beds

RV Sofa BedsThe term runaway vacation reminds us of a mesmerizing world where we escape from daily problematic routines. RVs are perfect for such vacations if they aren’t a permanent residence, because they are practically moving houses. No relaxation can be found in a house lacking a sofa or a bed. Hence, RVs are provided with sofa beds which make sensible use of the RVs’ area due to the sofa beds’ twofold functions.

There are several ideas to make better use of a RV sofa bed. First, a sofa beds’ privacy can be increased by surrounding the sofa bed with a curtain, like a shower curtain, that can be closed during the night around you or your guest for a sense of solitude. Another wonderful RV idea when there are young campers or children is to provide them with a netted play area. Put the RV sofa bed to one side and attach picture hangers around the bed’s side walls to hang a trampoline net. Never leave children unattended and use net openings less than 16 inches for safety purposes. Have a peek at the RV sofa bed pictures below for excessive visualization.

Revolutionize your RV by replacing your old sofa bed with a new sofa bed that better matches your setting and have storage compartments to add even more awesome features. Remove loose cushions first and then detach the sofa bed if it was bolted. Consider turning the sofa bed into a double chaise if applicable by the RV’s floor space and plan permit. Remove the sofa’s arms, lay the bed out flat, cover the mattress with color-coordinated upholstery fabric, add plenty of pillows for your back and elbows, and unwind to a soothing relaxation.


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