Slipcovers for camelback sofa

Slipcovers for camelback sofa, Retro style is becoming trendy these days and prove of that is the invasion of the artisan style contemporary camelback sofas to the furniture world. In case you are on a low budget, affordable camelback sofas can be bought from thrift or antique stores. You can find camelback sofas with good structure but the upholstery might not be fine so you can make a slipcover for camelback sofa to make it look untouched.

The first step to make slipcovers for camelback sofa is to remove the sofa’s original fabric. You should remove the camelback’s fabric cautiously so that you can use it as a template to make new slipcovers for camelback sofas. If the camelback cushions seemed flattened, you can either apply padding on the filling of the cushions or use new fillings before placing the new slipcovers for camelback sofa.

Now, you will be able to cut the new fabric according to the pattern you have and should utmost care to get the curves of the camelback right to get the best fitting slipcovers. When you are in the process of sewing, sew the top and the sides leaving a seam of 5 to 8 inches and keep in mind to leave the bottom of the slipcover open so you can slip it over the camelback sofa. The final look would be something like shown in the following slipcovers for camelback sofa pictures.

slipcovers for camelback sofa

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