Slipcovers for three cushion sofa

Slipcovers for three cushion sofa, The majority of living rooms have at least one three cushion sofa among their sofa sets. Ordinary usage of the three cushion sofa will make it wear out sooner or later to have a torn fabric, faded color or unclean surface. Protect ones sofas from everyday dirt and grime, accidental drink spills together with food stains by covering them using a three cushion sofa slipcover.

Some slipcovers are stretchable to fit on many sizes of sofas but three cushion sofas are usually larger than any other sofas so it is important to check to what degree the slipcovers can stretch before buying. There are different types of three cushion sofas like camel back sofas, box cushion sofas, t cushion sofas and three cushion sofas that have cushioned back. Each of them will require a specific kind of three cushion sofa slipcovers so focus on getting the right kind.

You can get a single slipcover piece to cover the three cushion sofa but 2 piece and 3 piece slipcovers fit more on three cushion sofas and look neater and more attractive. You can have slipcovers for the three cushion sofa with the look of leather but for a lower price if you choose synthetic suede slipcovers. More casual yet durable looks are attained with materials like denim, cotton and twill. Check the following pictures of slipcovers for three cushion sofas for more inspiration.



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