Sofa seat cushion covers

Sofa seat cushion covers, The parts of a sofa that are most exposed to damaged are the sofa seat cushion covers, presented in the images below. Sofa seat cushion covers can be unclean, cut from some placed or just has a lose zipper that keeps on opening. Some people might afford buying new sofa seat cushion covers from the place where they originally purchased the sofa or even buy new sofa seat covers that refreshes their sofa.

Other people’s budgets might not allow them to buy even new sofa seat cushion covers. In this case, one can create new sofa seat cushion covers on his/her own. If the zipper is the only part that is damaged, then fix it on its own without having to get rid of a usable sofa seat cushion cover and buying new fabric. The amount of fabric that needs to be used per sofa seat cushion should be two-and-a-half times as long as one side of your cushion, and at least a little bit wider.

Fixing a sofa seat cushion cover zipper starts by removing the stop metal bracket gently with pliers. Then pull the cushion zipper slider away from the cover. Use the pliers to straighten any of the sofa seat cover zipper teeth that appear to be bent. Finally bring the two cushion zipper halves together and replace the stop and the zipper slider and your sofa seat cushion cover is ready to be replaced!


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